Notes on New Zealand

New Zealand is a stunning playground for outdoor adventures. I am so glad I made it out here. I added a few more details that I have had some questions on. Food – The food was similar to the USA in that there were a lot of sandwiches, pizzas and burgers. They also had a

Franz Josef Glacier

To return to the north island for my flight out of NZ, I decided to take the bus route up the west coast to see that side of the island. One of my stops was in Franz Josef. I did not arrive until a few hours before sunset and was leaving early the next morning,

Milford Sound

Since the Routeburn Track is one way and you need to book transportation anyway, I added on a cruise of Milford Sound right after my hike. It was raining that day, but it was still beautiful to cruise past the rock formations and waterfalls in the Sound.


Queenstown was stunning. It has the scenery and charming bustle of a ski town, but is more than that, as it has activities for outdoor enthusiasts all year round. This includes skiing, skydiving, bungie jumping, hiking, biking, boating, etc. I adored the  energy of the city and the magnificent views. This picture below was from

South Towards Queenstown

It was a several hour bus ride from Marlborough to Christchurch, where I stayed one night, then an 8 hour ride from there down to Queenstown. The later was 8 hours of stunning scenery. Some of these were from the bus window, so are not the best, but it gives you an idea as we

Marlborough – Savignon Blanc Wine Country

I was surprised to learn the history of Marlborough winemaking. They used to farm peas, corn and sheep here, but in the early 70’s, when those markets become economically challenging, some farmers tried growing grapes for wine. Unfortunately, they started with grapes that were not suited for the soil there. From what I learned, at

Ferry From North Island to South Island

For some reason, I expected a small ferry, but it had 10 levels, several cafes, live music and a car park for auto transport on level 5. Stunning views all along the way. IMG_0613 The video above shows the north island first, then the south. Click the words “IMG_0613” These images do not do the


Wellington is the capital, nestled in hills on the edge of the sea. I spent one day here to walk around. I visited the Te Papa Museum, which was excellent and took the cable car up to the botanical gardens, then walked down. Very cute city. There were various jumps into the water, that these