Canary Islands, Spain

Came to the Canary Islands for a few days….and so far it has turned into to two weeks. Just lovely here!!! Meeting people from all over Europe that come here to escape winter up north. Will post more later. Just wanted to let everyone know where I was and say hello. ? I am very

Summary of European Costs ?

Amsterdam, Netherlands Amsterdam costs averaged $137/day for my 10 days there. $63/day for rooms (this includes my splurge night there), $40/day for food, $10/day for transportation and $17/day for entrance fees and tours and $7/day misc. expenses. Belgium My costs in Belgium were about $136/day for my 8 days there. This includes $32/day for rooms,

Barcelona, Spain

Architecture I traveled through many cities in Spain several years ago with a friend, but had never been to Barcelona, so wanted to stop here for a few days. It is such a beautiful city with friendly, fun people. From the beautiful architecture lining some of the grander streets… To the fascinating architectural treasures of