Japan Costs and Summary

Japan is an expensive place to visit. My costs averaged $190/day. The biggest expense was transportation at $110/day. This included my flight from the USA, 7 day bullet train pass of $260 and internal trains and busses. Hostels are about $20-25/night for dorms. Food is expensive with an average dinner cost of about $20. I

Osaka, Japan – 2 Days

Historically, Osaka was a merchant city and was known as the “nations kitchen” as it was important for rice trade. I was amazed at how many shops and restaurants are in this area. Wikipedia states that in 2005 there were over 34,000 shops here! There are literally miles and miles of shopping and entertainment. I think

Kyoto, Japan – 2 1/2 Days

Did you know that Kyoto was once considered as the city to drop the atomic bomb on? It was reportedly spared this and much of the bombing during the war through the intervention of Henry L. Stimson, US Secretary of War. He did this as he was aware of the cultural significance of the area

Tokyo, Japan – 2 1/2 days

Tokyo is the capital of Japan and the most populous metropolitan area in the world, with over 13 million people. The larger, urban area of Tokyo has over 37 million! This is an interesting fact on its own, but when you consider it’s one of the top 10 of the safest countries in the world