Teaching Yoga in Taghazout, Morocco

Spending 3 weeks here to teach yoga at a yoga and surf place in Taghazout. 🙂 I teach two classes a day in exchange for room and board and can learn to surf in my spare time. So far, I’ve tried surfing once. I really enjoyed it, but it’s a serious workout. Plus, I got

The Pyramids, Greater Cairo, Egypt

I was not planning to visit Egypt on this trip, but am so glad I did. It was a logical stop after Bangkok and I decided that I wasn’t going to let fear of terrorism stop me from seeing it. There really is a lot to see here, so stayed 3 weeks. I started with a tour

Other Sightseeing in Cairo

Cairo is a huge city and not the easiest to get around, but I did see quite a few sites…. El-Tehrir Square Is technically just a huge multi-lane roundabout, but it has been known as Liberation Square since the Egyptian revolution in 1919. It is also where about 2 million came to protest in 2011, resulting

Chaotic Cairo

Just about every day in Egypt felt like some kind of crazy adventure….so here are a few things that happened or that I noticed. The most obvious place to start is with the traffic. It’s insane! It’s like the motorbikes in Vietnam, but with cars. They don’t stay in their lanes and they constantly honk their

Luxor, Egypt

Tourism is the main source of income in Luxor, so with tourism down to a fraction of what it once was, it felt like a feeding frenzy when I walked out to the street. The locals complain that they have the same problem, but I definitely think it is worse for tourists and even worse

Costs of Camping Tour – Cape Town to Nairobi, Africa

The tour itself was $135/day for 49 days of camping including meals, tours and transportation for 6,500 miles and three guides to insure our safety. The tour with additional expenses like optional tours, My flight to Cape Town, vaccinations, malaria pills, spending money and tips ended up to be $180/day. This was well beyond my

Malawi, Africa

Days 32 through 34. Lake Malawi, Malawi (9-10 hour drive) Up early again for another long day on the road to cross into Malawi and drive to Kande Beach on Lake Malawi. We were only going to be in Malawi for three nights, so it didn’t make sense to withdrawal local currency from an ATM.

Zambia, Africa

Days 28 through 31. Lusaka, Zambia (8 hour drive) We had a short drive to the border to exit Zimbabwe and enter Zambia before driving towards Lusaka, the capital of Zambia. There was still a lot of variety in the building material, but more homes were made of brick here. Even in the rural areas.