Summary of Jordan Costs

My 7 days in Jordan cost approximately $120/day. $15/day room (private room). $20/day food, $16/day entrance fees/tips, $60/day transportation (includes flight here, taxis, tours and busses), $2/day misc, and $7/day for my visa    

Wadi Rum and Jerash, Jordan

The bus left early the next morning for Wadi Rum. I was glad that 4 others from my hotel were going as well. Two were from South Korea and there was a guy from Croatia that is doing a walk from Palestine to Croatia. Yes, a WALK. I wish him the best. In Wadi Rum, the

Petra, Jordan

The next morning, I took the local bus to Petra. It left at 6:30AM, so caught a taxi to the station at 6AM. For $14USD, I was surprised that the 2 1/2 hour ride was air conditioned and comfy. Or maybe I just thought it was nice after 50 days on a bumpy, hot, truck

Amman, Jordan

I had a 30-some hour flight into Jordan, after spending the day crossing the border from Tanzania into Kenya and driving to Nairobi, so it was a very long day. I flew through Frankfurt, then Athens, before arriving in Jordan at 2:45AM. Oh, what I will do for a cheap flight (using flyer miles and