Costs in Bali

Bali is very affordable! My costs averaged $65/day. $29/day for rooms (including breakfast) and $21/ day for food. Spreading my taxi rides over the length of my stay came to $6/day. The rest was spent on yoga and fees for events/classes. Since things were so inexpensive, I also stocked up here on shampoo, suntan lotion,

Legong Music and Dance Performance

There were traditional Balinese performances every night of the week. I attended a fire dance and a Legong dance show. The Legong show was the better of the two and was held at the Ubud Palace in the open air courtyard. Such colorful costumes and beautiful people!  


i took a Balinese cooking class. We started in the market to get some of the supplies. The class was open air in a beautiful facility in the rice fields. We started with the basic sauce. Grinding it to a paste. There was also a tuna dish that was grilled on the end of bamboo

The Balinese

The Balinese people live their lives very simply. Most of them live with their extended families, with the oldest male inheriting the homes and responsibility for the extended family members in the compound after the patriarch dies. The homes are small, with very few possessions, and much of their life is spent outside (in the

Small Villages of Munduk and Lovina in Bali

I decided to try some of the smaller villages in Bali that have fewer tourists. I started by going up to Munduk, which is I. The mountains on the north end of the island. The population in 2010 was noted as 6,200, so it is very small. I took a walk near the hotel the

Local Ceremony in Ubud

Many will find this post morbid, but this is a fact of life and a celebration in Bali. I was invited to attend the cremation of a grandfather who lived in the family compound across the street. One of the men where I was staying was a carrier of the bull (one of two elaborate

Yoga :)

Yoga is very popular here with the tourists. I really enjoy yoga, but there was just no time for it when I was in Arizona. I signed up at the Yoga Barn. It’s a beautiful facility that offers over a dozen different classes every day. I’ve had four classes so far and feel fantastic. After

My Homestay in Ubud

There are many “Homestays” in Ubud. They have rooms for tourists back beyond the family homes. Mine is owned by an artist, who has one of his paintings hanging in the big museum here. His extended family lives in little buildings located Down’s long narrow alley off the busy road, so it is quiet. The

Rice Fields in Ubud, Bali

I found the alley in the middle of downtown Ubud that directs you to the rice fields (a small laminated sign with an arrow on it) and spent the morning following the narrow paths around them. It was so serene compared to the chaos of the streets of Ubud. Unlike New Zealand, where there is

Ubud City, Bali, Indonesia

In New Zealand I heard repeated advice to stay away from the touristy islands and visit Ubud, which is the art capital of Bali. It is close to the center of the island and although less touristy than the beaches, I still found it very touristy. The narrow, twisty roads are jammed with houses, temples,