Summary of European Costs ?

Amsterdam, Netherlands Amsterdam costs averaged $137/day for my 10 days there. $63/day for rooms (this includes my splurge night there), $40/day for food, $10/day for transportation and $17/day for entrance fees and tours and $7/day misc. expenses. Belgium My costs in Belgium were about $136/day for my 8 days there. This includes $32/day for rooms,

Amsterdam Summary

There is much more to Amsterdam than I expected. I went for the tulips, but the city has a lot of great art, history and the canals are just beautiful. I did walk through the red light district briefly. Our tour guide said that the city is planning to eliminate it in 6 months, but

Keukenhof Tulip Gardens, Netherlands

Amazing gardens on a beautiful day!!! 7 million hand planted tulip bulbs a huge array of stunning arrangements on a 79 acre garden. I walked here for 5 hours. Keukenhof means ‘kitchen garden’, which is how it was started in the 15th century. Now it is one of the largest gardens in Europe. It is located southwest

Remembrance Day and Liberation Day

i stumbled upon the event for Remembrance Day. This is an annual event here to remember those who died during the war and peace-keeping operations. It was held in the Palace and on Dam Square. When I arrived, people were just starting to queue up for a chance to see the procession, into and out

Museums in Amsterdam

As I walk the streets here, it strikes me that the faces I see are so different than any I have seen before…and I have done a lot of traveling. I know language has something to do with this, as they use different facial muscles to speak, but it seems like more than that. I

WOW! Amsterdam, Netherlands

What a fabulous place! It is spring here and the trees are budding and flowers blooming. Everyone seems to be out enjoying the canals, which are an UNESCO world heritage site. I love the diversity of locals and tourists here, plus the art and history just add to the experience. Unlike Bali, the bicycles rule