Summary of European Costs ?

Amsterdam, Netherlands Amsterdam costs averaged $137/day for my 10 days there. $63/day for rooms (this includes my splurge night there), $40/day for food, $10/day for transportation and $17/day for entrance fees and tours and $7/day misc. expenses. Belgium My costs in Belgium were about $136/day for my 8 days there. This includes $32/day for rooms,

Belgium Costs

My costs in Belgium were about $138USD/day. A little higher than usual, mainly due to my expensive taxi ride, a long overdue haircut with highlights (it had been three months!) and some misc bills from the US. Hostel – $32/night Food – $32/day Train to Brugge and Ghent, busses and taxi – $24/day Misc –

Ghent, Kaprijke and Sint-Margriete, Belgium

I wanted to stop in Ghent for two reasons. First, to see a family friend that I have stayed in contact with via Facebook, but had not seen for over 25 years. We are connected through marriage of relatives…again, I know this and met her through my Dad, who was friends with her mother. She

Thielt, Belgium

From Brugge, I took a bus to Thielt to visit the windmill (molen) that we think my father’s grandmother lived in and where his great grandfather possibly worked. The current owner was not home, so I did not get a chance to talk to him, but left my email. My dad visited this mill as

Brugge, Belgium

Brugge oozes charm and the entire city is a World Heritage site of UNESCO. It was once the chief commercial city in the world and traders came here from around the world to trade fine goods. It may also be the site of the first stock exchange in the world (in 1309). Much of my