Summary of European Costs ?

Amsterdam, Netherlands Amsterdam costs averaged $137/day for my 10 days there. $63/day for rooms (this includes my splurge night there), $40/day for food, $10/day for transportation and $17/day for entrance fees and tours and $7/day misc. expenses. Belgium My costs in Belgium were about $136/day for my 8 days there. This includes $32/day for rooms,

Nice, France

Nice is a good sized city on the coast. Much of the city is somewhat ‘crumbly’. The beach is the main attraction, with all kinds of watersport options. They also had areas for soccer, volleyball, fooseball and several other sports, so this city attracts a young crowd. They were also one of the hosts of

Cassis, France

After many recommendations from people in France, I stopped in Cassis. Very quaint French city on the sea with many calanques that can be hiked to the beaches at the bottom of the cliffs. We hiked about two hours to get this this beach, from the very top. Simply stunning! So happy I got some

Avignon, Provence, France

Avignon is the largest of the cities I visited in Provence. The very center of the city is still enclosed by the old, medieval walls. It was also the seat of Catholic Popes from 1309 to 1377, due to conflicts in Rome at that time, which I did not know. The Palais du Papes was

Lourmarin, Provence, France

Those of you connected to me on Facebook have probably already seen the post where I said I thought I loved Aix En Provence, until I got to Lourmarin.? I did love it even more…crazy how you can fall in love with so many places at once. This is a very small city in Provence.

Aix En Provence, Provence, France

Cezanne was born, worked and died in Aix En Provence, so there are many references to the places he lived and that were part of his life around the city. You can pick up a map at the tourist center to do a free walk of these locations, or just refer to it as you

Provence, France

Thanks to my friends Erynn and Sandy, I got great advice on places to visit in the wonderful area of Provence, France. This area is so lovely, it is truly a place to come back to several times…and due to the southern, medditeranean climate, I could seriously live here. One of the first things I

I ❤️ Bordeaux!

I stopped here for the wine and ended up loving this city! Beautiful architecture, fabulous wine, great food and fun people. The city was created at the height of the Enlightened age, but is the result of continuous extension and renovations from Roman times up to the 20th century. I also read that the urban form

Paris, France Updated

Although I have been to Paris twice before, I had to stop here on my bus ride down to Bordeaux anyway, so decided to stay and wait for my lost luggage to arrive. The bus from Ghent to Paris was $18USD! There are a few museums I had not seen here before, so I spent