Osaka, Japan – 2 Days

Osaka, Japan – 2 Days

Historically, Osaka was a merchant city and was known as the “nations kitchen” as it was important for rice trade. I was amazed at how many shops and restaurants are in this area. Wikipedia states that in 2005 there were over 34,000 shops here! There are literally miles and miles of shopping and entertainment.

I think this was a competition, as there were several acts.

I stayed in the Dotonbori canal entertainment center, which is considered uptown.

Hozenji Yokocho alley is a small street lined with shops and restaurants. At the end of this alley, you can find the statue of Kami Fudomyoo. He is the kami of fury, and supposedly scares people into enlightenment. You pour water over his head, say a prayer to purify him and he protects people from evil. He is covered in moss from all the water poured over him.

I spent my last two days in Japan exploring the markets and shops here. This area was clearly the busiest area I visited. It was mostly Asian tourists shopping. It felt crazy with all the people. There was no order to the masses and I had to continuously veer to the left or right to avoid running into someone. People also stand outside many of the shops yelling to get you to come into their shop, so it was exhausting to walk. Best to wander into a shop or restaurant for a bit of peace.

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