Wellington is the capital, nestled in hills on the edge of the sea. I spent one day here to walk around. I visited the Te Papa Museum, which was excellent and took the cable car up to the botanical gardens, then walked down. Very cute city. There were various jumps into the water, that these

National Park – Tongariro

New Zealand has fabulous hiking, which is one of the reasons I started my trip here. Several of them are called “Great Hikes” and the Tongariro Crossing is one them. It is on an active volcano range that has had activity as recently as 4 years ago. You can either hike the circuit, which is

Waitomo to Rotorua

On March 11th, I took a bus from Paihia down to Wotomo to see a glowworm cave and then another bus down to Rotorua. The glowworm cave was only mildly interesting and you could not take any pictures, as then the worms would stop glowing. Rotorua is built on an old, sunken, volcano and all

Cape Brett Hike

On Tuesday, I took a water taxi to my hike on Cape Brett, one of the islands here on the Bay of Islands. The hike was over 16 km, or 10 miles from my drop off point to the hut, where I stayed overnight. The terrain was VERY steep on places, up and down the

Bay of Islands

i took a bus up to the northern point of New Zealand Monday. It was a 4 hour bus ride through beautiful, green, hilly countryside spotted with lakes. There are 144 islands in the Bay of Islands and I am staying on one called Paihia. It is a small resort town. There is a church

Ferry From Auckland to Devonport

Today I took a ferry from the port in Auckland to an island called Devonport.  It was used in the late 1800’s as a defense site against possible invasion by the Russians. I walked to the top of two defunct volcanos, one of which, still had a “hidden” cannon. It was a beautiful day to

Carabosse’s Fire-Art

This event was going on here this weekend, so I decided to go last night. Me and 1,000 other instant pyro’s were all running into each other while wandering and ogling the various fire art stations. They also had several live music. Some of the larger sculptures were rotating or were paired with water. Very

Paintings of Maori Leaders

The Auckland Art Gallery has very interesting paintings of Maori leaders and people of significance from the 1800s and early 1900s. This is just a photo of a postcard, as you could not take photos of the paintings.  The website is www.lindaueronline.com for those that want to see more.  

My Favorite Travel App

When I landed in Auckland at 6AM, I was faced with several options to get to my hostel, which was a bit away from the airport. The easy route would have been a taxi or a shuttle, but I wanted to try out a new app I had been looking at for travel. It is

Backing Up To Before I Left For A Minute….

I want to back up for a minute to the craziness before I left Arizona. To make sure the weather did not start getting too cold on some of my hikes, I set my flight date a few days after our big National Sales Meeting, where we had a big product launch and I had