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Island Hopping In Croatia, The Ultimate Adventure

Island hopping along the Dalmatian coast in Croatia is the ultimate holiday getaway. Enjoying the Adriatic’s crystal-clear water, beach after beach tucked along the coastlines, never-ending sunshine, and eating amazing food while exploring a different island each day is intoxicating.

There are 79 islands and over 500 islets along the 3,600 miles (5,800 km) of the Dalmatian coast, with the most popular being Hvar, Brac, Vis, Korcula, and Mljet. Each brimming with charming old stone houses, churches, beaches, and delicious food, yet each with a different twist.

I was in Croatia, researching how to do island hopping on my own when I got lucky and found a job teaching yoga on a sailboat that stopped at each. And although my transportation was pre-arranged, it’s actually pretty easy to create your own trip in Croatia island hopping via ferries and catamarans…or just opt for your own organized sailing adventure.

This post covers the highlights of the top islands in Croatia; Hvar, Brac, Vis, Korcula, and Mljet, as well as how to get to each.

Island hopping in Croatia is the ultimate adventure

Island Hopping in Croatia: Sailing From Split To Dubrovnik

First, just a few quick words on my sailing trip. It was with Yoga Sailing Holidays (note that I get no commission for writing this). My role was to find a secluded place on each island to teach the guests yoga each morning, and a spot for meditation in the evening. Easiest and funnest job ever!

There were 9 of us on the sailboat, 4 guests, the skipper, a chef, and myself, along with the owner and his friend. We were spoiled with scrumptious, beautiful, (mostly) healthy breakfasts and lunches, like this banana split-like fruit plate. Chocolate for breakfast, yes!!!

We had refreshing swim stops between islands,

Swim stops between islands

time to explore each island, amazing Mediterranean dinners at island restaurants, and fell asleep with the boat gently rocking on the Adriatic.

We started our trip of island hopping at the Kestela Marina in Split, Croatia and ended in Dubrovnik (of course, you can also do it in reverse), hitting Brac, Hvar, Vis, Korcula, and Mljet.

Island Hopping in Croatia: Brac Island

Brac is the closest island to Split and the largest on the Dalmatian coast. It’s best known for pebbled Zlatni Rat beach, one of the most beautiful beaches on the Croatian coast. It’s also sometimes noted as one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe! This beach forms a point into the Adriatic, called a ‘spit’, which changes its shape with the tide and wind.

Zlatni Rat | Roni Marinkovic

It’s close to the resort town of Bol, situated on the southern coast of Brac. Just a warning though, this beach is popular, so it can get crowded.

Although Zlatni rat is the most famous spot on Brac, there are other towns worth visiting too. Our sailboat stopped at Milna, on Brac’s northwest side. A quiet harbor town with charming stone houses, and churches, it was the perfect start to our yoga sailing journey.

Milna, Brac a stop while island hopping in Croatia
Milna, Brac

Supetar, the largest settlement on Brac, is also an interesting stopping point. Once inhabited by the Romans, you can see the ruins of an old Roman villa. There’s also a mausoleum from the early 20th century, charming churches, and plenty of beaches. As many ferries stop here from Split, there are also buses from Supetar (on Brac’s northern coast) to Bol for Zlatni rat beach, making it a popular stop.

How To Get To Brac

Split To Zlatni Rat: Zlatni rat is close to the marina at Bol, on Brac’s southern coast, just a twenty minute walk or short taxi ride away. You can get to Bol from Split via ferry or catamaran in about an hour. There’s also a ferry from Split to Supetar, on Brac’s northern coast. From there it’s a 45 minute taxi ride, or a bus, from Supetar to Bol, and then the short taxi ride to Zlatni rat.

Split to Milna: There’s a daily ferry from Split to Milna taking 25 minutes to an hour. There’s also a catamaran ferry that stops at several islands between Split and Dubrovnik. On Brac it stops at Milna. See for more details on visiting.

Split to Supetar: As noted above, there are multiple ferries daily from Split to Supetar, taking about an hour.

For a more comprehensive list of ferries to and from Brac, see

Island Hopping In Croatia: Hvar

Hvar is the next popular island heading south from Brac. This island really has a lot to offer, so I recommend staying a little longer here if possible.

Hvar town while island hopping in Croatia
Hvar Town, Hvar

You can sit at cafes in the picturesque bay at Hvar town (on Hvar island) and people watch, enjoy one of many beaches tucked along the coast, hike to the Venetian hilltop Fortress for stunning views, visit historical buildings, and explore the Pakleni islands off Hvar Town’s coast. Hvar and the Pakleni islands have a reputation as a party spot and it’s not unusual to see huge yachts in the harbor, sometimes with celebrities.

If you want something more family oriented, there are also other towns on Hvar, like Stari Grad, an UNESCO heritage site on the northern coast, Jelsa with beaches, vineyards and historical sites, and Sucuraj, a small fishing village with beaches on the eastern coast.

For more details see my post on A Day Trip To Hvar From Split.

Hvar is one of the top islands to stop at when island hopping in Croatia
Hvar and Pakleni islands from the Fortress

How To Get To Hvar

Split to Hvar Town: In peak season, there are up to 18 ferries daily between Split and Hvar, taking about 1 hour and 40 minutes. For a full range of catamarans and ferries for Hvar, see

Brac to Hvar Town: There are ferries from Milna, Brac to Hvar Town, Hvar and Bol, Brac to Hvar Town. There’s also a catamaran ferry from Milna to Hvar town on Hvar. Click here for details.

Split to Stari Grad: There are multiple ferries daily between Split and Stari Grad, taking about 2 hours.

Split to Jelsa: The ferry from Split to Jelsa is about 2 hours.

For a more comprehensive list of ferries to and from Hvar, see this link at

Island Hopping in Croatia: Vis

Vis, the next island south, and slightly west, is the farthest inhabited island from Croatia’s mainland. The main town here, located in the northwest, has the same name as the island, Vis.

Vis is a popular stop while island hopping in Croatia
Vis Harbor

The promenade at the marina is uber charming, full of cafes and restaurants overlooking the sea. Try to take time to wander the alleys behind the promenade, as the town is very photogenic.

And if you head past the marina, away from the town, there are secluded beach spots with Croatia’s notorious crystal-clear water.


Komiza, on the western coast, is another place to visit on Vis. This is where the 2017 movie, Mama Mia! Here We Go Again was filmed, so you can visit the set sites. You can get to Komiza via bus or taxi from the city of Vis in less than 30 minutes.

There’s also an interesting cliff-side beach called Stiniva, and if you’re into hiking, you can climb Mount Hum in Komiza for a panoramic view. Another interesting site here is Tito’s cave. Tito was the former president of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and hid out here during WWII.

The island of Vis is also closest to the Blue Cave and the Green Cave, popular day options in Croatia, so it’s easy to catch tours from here.

How To Get To Vis

The ferry from Hvar town on Hvar to Vis town on Vis is a little less than an hour. You can also get here directly from Split via ferry.

For a more comprehensive list of ferries to and from Vis, see and

Island Hopping in Croatia: Korcula

Korcula, another popular island, is the rumored birthplace of Marco Polo. Here you can visit his home and a museum on his life and travels. There are also several beaches, the most popular being Lumbarda.

Cultural options include tasting local wines, and watching a Moreska sword dance, which is UNESCO listed as an intangible cultural heritage, and as all the other islands, there are plenty of cafes, bars, and restaurants to enjoy fantastic food while overlooking the Adriatic.

How To Get To Korcula

Vis to Korcula: Unfortunately there is no direct ferry from Vis to Korcula. You can get between the two by going from Vis to Split, then Split to Korcula by either ferry or a bus down the coast. For more details, see

Hvar to Korcula: There are ferries from Hvar to Korcula, taking a little over an hour to an hour and a half.

Split to Korcula: The ferry from Split to Korcula takes about 2.5 hours.

For a more comprehensive list of ferries to and from Korcula, see this link at or

Korcula is a popular stop while island hopping in Croatia

Island Hopping In Croatia: Mljet

Mljet, is a charming island that’s 70% wooded, making it the greenest island. It also has Mljet National Park on its west side. The National Park is about a 10 minute walk from Pomena harbor, where you can swim, cycle, kayak or hike.

Our sailboat stopped at both Pomena, on Mljet’s west coast (near the National Park) and Okuklje, on the northern coast. In Okuklje, we hiked up to the peak for the stunning view of the bay below.

Mljet island is a popular stop while island hopping in Croatia
Okuklje, on Mljet Island

We even did our morning yoga at a church up near the peak.

Okuklje from the Church

How To Get To Mljet

Korcula to Pomena, Mljet: There is a ferry from Korcula to Pomena, taking about 30 minutes. Here, you can walk to Mljet National Park.

Korcula to Sobra: The ferry from Korcula to Sobra is 1 hour and thirty minutes. From Sobra, Okuklje is about a 15 minute drive or taxi ride away.

Note: There are buses on Mljet to travel from the ports of Pomena and Sobra. See for details.


From Okuklje, Mljet, we sailed to Dubrovnik, the perfect finale to a perfect trip of island hopping in Croatia. As one of the finest, most well-preserved, medieval towns in the world it’s the top visited spot in Croatia and frankly, shouldn’t be missed.

Dubrovnik is the ultimate finale after  a trip of island hopping in Croatia

How To Get To Dubrovnik

Mljet To Dubrovnik: The ferries from Pomena to Dubrovnik and Sobra to Dubrovnik are both about an hour and twenty minutes.

Korcula To Dubrovnik: The ferry from Korcula to Dubrovnik is about two hours to two and a half.

Hvar To Dubrovnik: The ferry from Hvar town on Hvar to Dubrovnik is about 3 hours and 15 minutes, There is also the ferry running between Split and Dubrovnik, stopping on Pomena.

Want More Of Croatia?

I don’t blame you, so do I! Other spectacular cities to visit include Split, which is a beautiful bay in itself, but also boasts the worlds best Roman palace remains, Emperor Diocletian’s, and Plitvice Lakes National Park, a stunning spectacle of nature with 16 multi-hued lakes and 90 waterfalls.

There’s also Zagreb, Croatia’s capital, and its charming Old Town and lively Tkalciceva street. Or Zadar’s ancient Roman ruins and 16th century Venetian Walls, perched on the Adriatic.

For an overview of the top places in Croatia, as well as information to help you plan your trip, like how to get around, safety, scams, logistics, and more, see my Croatia Travel Guide.

Sleepy yoga teacher while Island hopping on a sailboat in Croatia
Sleepy Yoga Teacher (me)

Dubrovnik is also close to Montenegro, which is a short bus ride south. Montenegro means ‘black mountain’ and the mountains here for a beautiful backdrop to the same crystal clear waters of Croatia. It’s also less crowded. Bosnia and Herzegovina is also just a bus ride away, with beautiful Stari Most Bridge of Mostar and solemn, but interesting Sarajevo.

Hello! I resigned from a corporate career in product development to explore the world. Although my goal was to travel for a year, 8 years later, I’ve been honored to have explored more than 60 gorgeous countries and met some unbelievably amazing people. Our world truly is a beautiful place! Follow me into the gorgeous unknown by subscribing below. You’ll receive details on fabulous destinations, comprehensive travel guides, travel tips and tidbits, and information on travel trends, like experiential, sustainable, and transformational travel. Where is your next gorgeous unknown? Julie


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