Surfing is one of the top things to do in Sagres

Things To Do In Sagres, Portugal

Sagres, once thought to be the end of the world (at least until the 15th century), is on Portugal’s southwestern-most tip. The views from its rugged cliffs are stellar, making it, at a minimum, a perfect day trip from Lagos. Or stay a few days to learn to surf, relax, and see the sites. This post covers the top things to do in Sagres.

cliff views is one of the  top things to do in Sagres

Sagres, Portugal

Sagres is the perfect escape from Lagos when you need a break from the tourists. Because the area is more remote, it’s quieter and less expensive. It’s also significantly cooler in temperature, due to wind and elevation.

The landscape is breathtaking. The waves are wilder and the massive cliffs rise over 200’ (65m), making the area perfect for nature lovers, surfers and yogis.

Top Things To Do In Sagres


The western algarve is one of Europe’s top surfing destinations. Sagres is a key point in the area and has a chill surfer vibe. There are many surf schools and a variety of waves for different levels, so perfect for newbies or more experienced surfers.


In addition, yoga is popular here too. There are several yoga studios, yoga retreats, and combination, surf & yoga retreats. 

The Fortress of Sagres is one of the top things to do in

The yoga is great to do on its own in this calm location, but it also pairs really well with surfing. It’s perfect for a warm up, stretching, balance, and relaxing your muscles at the end of the day.

Fortress of Sagres

Sagres Fortress sits on a cliff near town. It was built by request of Prince Henry the Navigator, the famous 15th century Portuguese maritime discoverer. Some think he ran a navigational school from here, although most of his journeys originated from Lagos.

The fortress only has one defense wall, separating the fort from the city, as the towering cliffs need no additional defense.

How To Get To The Fortress: You can walk to the Sagres Fortress from Sagres’s main bus stop (20-30 minutes).

Surfing is one of the top things to do in Sagres

Lighthouse of Cabo de Sao Vincente

The lighthouse of Cabo de Sao Vincente was built in honor of Prince Henry the Navigator, 500 years after his life. Due to damage, it was rebuilt in the 20th century.

Cabo de Sao Vincente Lighthouse | Dr. G. Schmitz

How To Get To the Lighthouse From Sagres: Located on Cape Vincent, it’s about 2 miles (6 km) west of Sagres. Cabo de Sao Vincente can be reached by bus or car.

Cabin of Literature

This little ‘cabin of literature’, not far from the beach, is a place to drop off/borrow books, on the honor system.

How cool is that? When I saw this, I wished I was staying longer.


If you’re into pottery, there’s also a big warehouse selling a huge variety not far from the beach. See pigletinportugal for more information.

You’ll see pottery and tiles throughout Portugal, but with a huge variety and low prices, this is the best place to buy it.

Cabin of Literature

Other Must-See Locations In Portugal

For other trips in Portugal, of course, Lisbon is a must see, with its charming neighborhoods, hill-top vistas, and haunting fado music.

I also highly recommend Porto, as it’s not as touristy as Lisbon. Its lively Ribeira district is the perfect place to try traditional Portuguese food, and, of course, port. And if you go to Porto, a day trip to Douro Valley to learn more about Portugal’s famous port wine is an excellent option.

There are also several other day trip options from Lisbon and Porto, including Caiscais, Sintra, Aviero, and Obidos. Each providing a different perspective on Portugal’s culture, its landscape, and history.

For an overview of all the top sites, how to get there, safety, scams, and more, see my Portugal Travel Guide.

Views are the top things to do in Sagres

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