Day Trip to Formentera, Spain

Formentera is one of the smaller Balearic Islands. It’s only accessible via ferry or boat. The ferry ride, which runs regularly, is 30-60 minutes, making a day trip from to Formentera from Ibiza easy. 

photos from a day trip to Formentera


The island has over 12 miles (20 km) of idyllic, clear, turquoise water with white sandy beaches. With just over 12,000 inhabitants, it has a remote, relaxed feel. In addition, there is minimal development along the beaches, letting the true beauty of nature shine.

Note how the concave shape of the small island maximizes it’s beachfront area (below).

 ©Photo of Formentera Island by Werner Wilmes on Flickr

Formentera has a history of being popular with hippies. Bob Dylan also once lived here and Joni Mitchel wrote an album here. The beaches are also known for being ‘clothing optional’.

Transportation on Formentera

Cycling and motorbike are the most popular means of transportation, as the island is only 15.5 miles (25 km) from end to end. 

There is also bus service that provides independent travelers access to various beaches. As I arrived before peak season, the bus was not running as often, so opted to walk Es Pujols beach near the ferry port.

Choosing a Beach

There are so many beaches on Formentera, it’s best to use local websites to see a full and updated listing. Select the main beach listing or the secluded beaches to see them all.

Ses Illetes Voted Europe’s Best Beach

If you want to visit the most famous beach, that is Ses Illetes. It was voted Europe’s best beach by Trip Adviser users in 2016.

This beaches has a long, narrow islet, resulting in a strip of white sand with beaches on both sides. I did not visit this beach, so inserted a photo from Flickr.

© Photo by Isabel Cabezas on Flickr

Cala D’es Pujols Beach

I walked to the beach at Cala D’es Pujols from the ferry and was blown away by the scenery. It was mostly desolate in mid-March, so I had miles of beach, to myself. I only saw 2 or 3 other people when I was there. The weather was quite warm as well, so I was surprised that it was empty.

photos from a day trip to Formentera
Es Pujols Beach

Es Pujols has a mix of sand and rocks on the shore. There were a few restaurants/bars, which were not open as it was off season, but mostly undeveloped, providing an untouched feel.

photos Es Pujols Beach on a day trip to Formentera
Es Pujols Beach

The view was serene, with turquoise and blue waters as far as I could see. I could even see Es Vedra in the distance,

photos Es Pujols Beach on a day trip to Formentera
Es Pujols Beach

In the summer, the beaches are very crowded with tourists, and in late summer/early fall, hundreds of flamingos flock near here.

There are a few restaurants nearby, but bringing a small picnic or snacks would be ideal. There are a few grocery stores along the way if walking from the port.

Landscape Behind es Pujols Beach

Overall, A day trip to Formentera is a perfect choice when visiting Ibiza. Of course, if you want to explore all the beaches, you can stay longer. There are also many hotels and hostels on the island. 

photos Es Pujols Beach on a day trip to Formentera
Es Pujols Beach

Want To Learn More About Ibiza?

Ibiza is a beautiful island with many stunning beaches and a fascinating history. To learn more about it see my post The Best Things To See In Ibiza. Other highlights on Ibiza include Cala Llonga, my favorite beach, Portinatx, the rocky coast in northern Ibiza, and the stunning rock formation of Es Vedra

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